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[ale] ADSL???

Robbie Honerkamp wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 29, 1998 at 01:00:44PM +0000, Wandered Inn wrote:
> > Tory Michael Deron wrote:
> >
> > Macintosh users only, do you have an installed, available ethernet
> > network interface card?
> >
> > So, they're willing to let Mac users use an existing NIC, but not a PC
> > user?
> If I'm not mistaken, all PowerPC Macs have built-in Ethernet (AAUI ports).
> The Intel world has a variety of ethernet NICs. I honestly think that they're
> doing this not to make money but to standardize- if you're going to hook
> to their network and they're going to have to support you, then you
> have to use their ethernet card. That helps keep them from getting flooded
> with calls from people with crappy or incorrectly setup cards who can't
> get them working.

This is bullshit.  Does your current ISP tell you what kind of modem to
get?  No.  If you have a lousy modem and you have problems, they'll tell
you to get a better modem.  They could add a disclaimer that they won't
provide NIC support if you provide your own NIC.

> > > 3)  They expect you to sign a 1 year contract, and if you move with in that
> > > time, you have to pay for the remaining months in the contract. (I'll be
> > > moving in April of next year)
> >
> >  They're trying to lock people into contracts because they know
> > RoadRunner is headed this way.
> This is almost what they do with ISDN- occasionally they'll waive the setup
> fees, but only if you keep the line for a year. If you move or disconnect
> the line, you have to pay the setup fee.
> > > 4)  When asked what my operating system is,  I said, Linux, and got the
> > > response, "Sorry, we only support Windows9X", and she would not discuss it
> > > further.
> > >
> > > Obviously Bell South intends to serve only the technically handicapped,
> > > while milking people for all the unnecessary dollars they can get.
> No. BellSouth intends to serve only those it knows it can support.
> If you want ADSL from BellSouth then tell them you have a Win95 box
> and set everything up yourself.

Hell they can't support ISDN on Wintel.  I have ISDN via BellSouth and
they didn't have a clue when installing it.  I've been the tech contact
for my organization for home ISDN installations and Bell South doesn't
have a clue.  I had 5 Bell South people at my house before they got it
right.  Similar scenario with other installs.

When then install your phone line, they don't require you to purchase a
particular phone?  They can add a disclaimer for customer

> Robbie

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