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[ale] ADSL???

On Thu, Oct 29, 1998 at 01:00:44PM +0000, Wandered Inn wrote:
> Tory Michael Deron wrote:
> Macintosh users only, do you have an installed, available ethernet
> network interface card?
> So, they're willing to let Mac users use an existing NIC, but not a PC
> user?

If I'm not mistaken, all PowerPC Macs have built-in Ethernet (AAUI ports).
The Intel world has a variety of ethernet NICs. I honestly think that they're
doing this not to make money but to standardize- if you're going to hook
to their network and they're going to have to support you, then you
have to use their ethernet card. That helps keep them from getting flooded
with calls from people with crappy or incorrectly setup cards who can't
get them working.

> > 3)  They expect you to sign a 1 year contract, and if you move with in that
> > time, you have to pay for the remaining months in the contract. (I'll be
> > moving in April of next year)
>  They're trying to lock people into contracts because they know
> RoadRunner is headed this way.

This is almost what they do with ISDN- occasionally they'll waive the setup
fees, but only if you keep the line for a year. If you move or disconnect
the line, you have to pay the setup fee.

> > 4)  When asked what my operating system is,  I said, Linux, and got the
> > response, "Sorry, we only support Windows9X", and she would not discuss it
> > further.
> > 
> > Obviously Bell South intends to serve only the technically handicapped,
> > while milking people for all the unnecessary dollars they can get.

No. BellSouth intends to serve only those it knows it can support.
If you want ADSL from BellSouth then tell them you have a Win95 box
and set everything up yourself.