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[ale] ADSL???

Actually, I'm in Atlanta and qualified to get ADLS, and it was to be
connected next week.  Here are the reasons I decided against Bell South
ADSL, and they decided against me.

1)  You have to pay $200 dollars for the equipment, and although they use a
standard Ethernet card, and I already have one, they require you to buy

2)  They charge a $99 connection fee, and refuse to allow you to connect it
yourself, up to and including, connecting the equipment to your computer.

3)  They expect you to sign a 1 year contract, and if you move with in that
time, you have to pay for the remaining months in the contract. (I'll be
moving in April of next year)

4)  When asked what my operating system is,  I said, Linux, and got the
response, "Sorry, we only support Windows9X", and she would not discuss it

Obviously Bell South intends to serve only the technically handicapped,
while milking people for all the unnecessary dollars they can get.

Needless to say I will not be getting the service.

Just my two cents, and an FYI.


>Williams, Jim wrote:
>> Oh they say they are offering it but I can not find anyone who has been
>> to get it.  I think they were just seeing the response they would get.  I
>> can make it simple for them:
>> YES we want a lot of bandwidth for low $$$!!!
>If you follow the links from the site, you can register to have you line
>tested and to be notified when it's ready.  The down side is they ask
>you what your OS is, and Linux is not listed, therefore you have to
>select 'other.'
>Until later: Geoffrey esoteric at denali.atlnet.com
>You mean you paid MONEY for Service Pack '98????