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[ale] ADSL???

Hey Jim,

Actually I think they are having problems with xDSL
when they are clustered together. The problem runs when they try to
run several xDSL lines in the same wire cluster, the frequecy and the
crap condition of the phone net makes the signals from several xDSL
lines run over each other... destructive interferance. Also after
about 3 miles from the base unit, the signal decreases logarithmically
basically giving you about 100KB/Sec or slower transmition... still
faster than a 56K modem...

Check out the Elastic Network solution (They were at the Linux
Showcase), they use a technology called EtherLoop... www.Elastic.com
Unfortunately their home-solution is still a year or more out, but the
implications are really cool... there modems can vary the transmit
freq so they don't walk all over each other... but they still have the
5 mile run (thats an FCC regulation thing, max input is 7V (?) so
after 5 miles the signal is worthless) 

enough techno-dribble,
L8r... Adam

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