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[ale] lpd/lpr printing

I have an RS6000 that I need to get print data from and modify before it goes
to the printer.  I'm using a Redhat 5.1 box for the modification of the print
data.  The problem I have is that I can print from the RS6000 to the Linux box
just fine as long as I have an account on both systems.  If I try to print to
the Linux box from an account on the RS6000 that does not exist on the Linux
box the data gets spooled but the input filter never gets called and the print
data just vanishes.  I've also tried to find info on the hosts.lpd, hosts.allow
and hosts.equiv but can't seem to find a man page for them?  Where should I

David Hamm
Systems Analyst
Imaging Technologies Services Inc.
email: dhamm at itserve.com
voice: 404-885-5905