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[ale] ADSL???

On Tue, 27 Oct 1998, Christopher R. McNabb wrote:

> Does anyone know of a way to do Linux and ADSL?  I refuse to use Microsoft
> products due to security issues, and I would need to build another box to
> run NT (another I dont think sooo!)  My other known option is Mac, and I'd
> much rather use Linux if I can.  There HAS to be SOMEONE who's found a way,
> or at least is working on it.

I set it up yesterday.  It was incredibly easy, once I realized that it
wasn't working because my NIC was set to 10-base-2 instead of 10-base-T ;-).

Basically, ADSL is completely independent of your platform, assuming you can
get a 10-base-T card and a TCP/IP box in your machine.  In my case, I just
hooked the digital modem up to a serial port, logged in over minicom,
configured the modem for the settings my phone company wanted, then changed
my machine's IP to the one my ISP gave me.  After that, I was up and
running.  It's quite impressive.  The only problem is that it makes a slight
background hiss on the phone line, but I can live with that to be getting a
speedy download at the same time....


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