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[ale] Password Blanking

Bob Kruger <bkruger at mindspring.com> writes:

> Is there a way with Perl to blank out or mask the input on the screen?

	Amazingly enough, this is covered in the FAQ (perlfaq8, to be
specific; perldoc perlfaq8 on most systems, man perlfaq8 if MANPATH is
set apropriately):

       How do I ask the user for a password?

       (This question has nothing to do with the web.  See a
       different FAQ for that.)

       There's an example of this in the crypt entry in the
       perlfunc manpage).  First, you put the terminal into "no
       echo" mode, then just read the password normally.  You may
       do this with an old-style ioctl() function, POSIX terminal
       control (see the POSIX manpage, and Chapter 7 of the
       Camel), or a call to the stty program, with varying
       degrees of portability.

       You can also do this for most systems using the
       Term::ReadKey module from CPAN, which is easier to use and
       in theory more portable.

	Use the FAQ.

	Become one with the FAQ.

	perldoc perltoc is your friend.

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