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[ale] Need help with final configuration of mgetty

I don't know much about mgetty.
however, 'stty -echo' will turn the echo of your terminal so that you
can't see what you are typing on the screen while your input is still
accepted as usual.
try 'stty echo'  to turn it back on if this is the case.
'stty sane' or 'man stty' will help as well.
just wanna help.
Jerry Yu
Systems Engineer	| zyu at tc.net
Premiere Technologies	| 404-262-8544(O)	
Atlanta, GA 30326	| ae.tc.net/dept/engineering/op/public/developer/zyu

On Wed, 21 Oct 1998, Eric Webb wrote:

> Hello...
> I have mgetty installed and working  (for the most part) under Linux.  I can
> dial in and connect, hit a shell prompt, and even logout.
> The problem lies in that I cannot see any of this from the remote side(!),
> though I do know that what I blindly type is in fact having the desired
> effect.
> So far, I have tried setting up mgetty for use with ttyS0 as well as cua0
> (bad).
> Does anyone have any experience with mgetty or any ideas on what I can try
> next?
> Thanks,
> Eric