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[ale] insmod problem with new kernel

I've just built the latest kernel 2.1.125 over an older 2.0.?? on one
of my machines. I built with module version information on. I had mcd
(the CDROM code) as loadable instead of built-in the kernel.
Unfortunately it wouldn't automatically load and insmod tells me that it
can't find the version saying: "kernel_version needed but can't be
found". I don't know why it can't find the kernel version or even if it
means my current running kernel or the kernel version of the mcd.o

	I then went and found my indmod executable and it turns out that the
thing is dated Sept. 19, 1996! Obviously this didn't get updated with
the kernel upgrade. Now I'm wondering if this is my problem rather than
the modules themselves. I thought that all my /sbin programs should have
been updated with the new build (usr/local/sbin is empty) but none were.
Is this not part of the kernel? Where do I get these programs' source

	Appreciate any ideas,

		Ben Scherrey