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[ale] Quake2 catches Sig 11 and blows out and leaves the console messed up?

Nomad the Wanderer wrote:
> Well,
>   Read the subject.  I'm happily playing Quake2, 3.19a when all of a sudden
> it reports it caught sig 11 and dumps me back to the prompt.  From this
> point on my console/keyboard is hosed.  Pressing "r" gives me ^T and
> alot of other junk.  Very little is readable.
>   First,
>     Anyone know how to keep this from happening?
>   Second,
>     Anyone know if it's possible to fix my console after it gets trashed?

I had a similar problem with an 3.17, but it always happened at the same
point in the game.  Anyway, the only way I could get control of the
machine was to telnet in from another and reboot it. :(

I've since upgraded to 3.19, but have not yet gotten to the point in the
game where it crashed on me.

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You mean you paid MONEY for Service Pack '98????