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[ale] Window Managers

alright, here's the chance for all the window manager bigots to
send me their thoughts.  i'm a die-hard mwm user, but i really
want something that supports virtual desktops and cutesy little
sounds.  and animations are cool, too.  so, i'm shopping for a 
new window manager.

would anyone with an interest in this subject, especially if
you're involved in the subject (trae, geoff) give me their
reasons for bigotry?  please do so IN PRIVATE EMAIL, and then
i'll summarize to the list.

must-have requirements: 

    o	clean look, and able to emulate mwm, or similar, look
	and feel

    o 	title bars and decorations that are customisable, look
	good, and aren't out of proportion (blackbox)

    o	sound effects, preferably multi-threaded (esd?)

    o	cheesy animations ala WM are a plus

    o	stable and usable...geoff, can you give me a quick
	update on e's usability?

alrighty...thanks for the input...i may summarize into a web page,
maybe even throw it up at a future meeting, if i get some good
responses.  please do NOT turn this into a Jihad...this isn't
linux-kernel, after all.



Michael D. Ivey  -  Director of Emerging Technologies
ivey at realminfo.com    http://www.realminfo.com/~ivey/