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[ale] Linux as terminal Server?

Ryan writes:
 >     Have you tried using kermit for Linux?  At work, we run Caldera, and have a
 > version of kermit written for Linux that works really well.  I use it as a
 > terminal connection to a pc-based UNIX server as well as for dialing from Linux
 > to other Linux and UNIX systems.
 >         Ryan
 > Nomad the Wanderer wrote:
 > > Ok,
 > >   I'm still trying to get this Linux box working as a console/terminal
 > > server.  I have my DB25 <--> DB9 connected to my ttya on my Sparc5 and
 > > my Com1 (ttyS0) on my Laptop.  I do the following:
 > >
 > > cu -l /dev/ttyS0

1) you need a null modem to do this.

2) there is an escape character for cu which is tlide dot (~.)

3) Don't try this from X if your mouse is usually connected to ttyS0

The linux serial stuff works.  We have 8 modems in constant use
throughout the day for dialin/dialout.