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[ale] Urgent, hardware problem

ATX systems only shut themselves down if the software tells them to.  Unless
he installed and set up a utility to utilize this, his system should not
power-down automatically while he is running linux.  Indeed, it sounds like a
power supply problem; personally, i would run experiments with an ohm-meter,
but this is not a viable option to everyone.

With an ATX system, you can do interesting things like putting your system in
"sleep mode" (aka suspend) by pressing the power button, and restoring it by
pressing the power button again; it typically takes about 5 seconds holding
the button to turn off the computer.  If the power supply is interrupted for
any reason, an ATX system will typically keep itself off.


Ben Phillips (pynk at cc.gatech.edu) said this stuff:

> On Sat, 10 Oct 1998, Tri wrote:
> > I have an atx motherboard and an atx powersupply. In the last week my
> > computer has been randomly shutting itself off, and I have trouble
> > getting it to turn back on.
> I just went atx myself!  It sounds kinda like the power supply is just doing
> its standard power saver business...  Somewhere there's an ATX howto which I
> still haven't found (hint hint if anyone knows where it is).  But all I've
> done is just disable all the powersaver shutdowns (one for disks, others for
> other things which I can't remember).  That should be in your BIOS options
> somewhere.
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