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[ale] 10GB harddrive

Have you used Power Quest's Partition Magic? Version 4.0 is out now, and does wonders.
Also, I have the Western Digital 8.4 drive, and it came with a utility that loads FIRST
and some how or the other makes things work.


Michael Cooper wrote:
> My Linux Redhat 5.1 won't recognize my 10GB harddrive.  And it causes my
> drive to lose two GB of space.  Inorder to install Linux on my machine I
> resized the original partition from 10 to 7 GB.  I went to install Linux in
> the remaining three gigs, but Linux (DiskDruid and Fdisk) only recognized up
> to eight gigs.  I went ahead and installed it to a 1GB partition.   But when
> I went to reclaim the two gigs that were unallocated they weren't there any
> more.  I when I got rid of Linux they cam back.  Is there a way I can get
> Linux to recognize the missing two gigs, or too just keep it under Win98?
> -Mike Cooper