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[ale] X Windows

Ooops, forgot a step. After you do the following, execute 'xterm' linux box
to activate it. Sorry... :(


Here is a link to a free xserver for Win95. Download both files at this link
and install on your Win95 box. Then in a telnet session from the Win95 box,
execute this command ->> export DISPLAY=MY.IP.ADDR.HERE:0.0

You can then exit the telnet session and run via xWindows. Pretty slick.

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Date: Tuesday, October 06, 1998 11:34 PM
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>erm,  X wont load on a console window (i.e., your telnet window).  That
>supports vt100 (and a few assorted others, depending, usually vt50, vt220
>and ansi)CHARACTER emulation, not video modes.
>If you want to run X remotely, may I suggest an Xsession terminal (i.e., a
>terminal that supports video modes).  I dont know for sure if there is
>anything you can get non commercially for this.  Also, unless you have a
>high-speed connection, running X remotely over, say, a modem, will be VERY
>sluggish as there's alot of data pumping across the phone lines in order to
>remotely run an X session.
>Until Next Time:  David db at trusted.net
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>Date: Tuesday, October 06, 1998 8:46 PM
>Subject: [ale] X Windows
>>Hi all. I have read the install book on red hat 5.1, and after
>>installing it, I loaded up the X window system, on the cosole, it seemed
>>to work fine. I am wonderin though, do I have to change any of the
>>configurations for me to be able to telnet into the server, and use X
>>window from home? it doesn't seem to work when I type in X, it just
>>comes up with a heap of info scrolling down the page, then sorta
>>any ideas??