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[ale] EIDE vs SCSI

Okay, I know this will start wars, but I'm looking for opinions on Ultra
DMA EIDE vs SCSI. From what I can tell, the throughput for the new EIDE
drives is dang close to scsi throughput. A friend is ready to shell out
a lot o' bucks on a new system and knows she wants scsi throughout, but
needs a drive now, cheaply, to copy all her stuff to since she's selling
her computer. She wants a really big drive (9gig plus) and fast. So we
discussed getting a scsi card and the scsi drive she 'wants'. But the
expense is greater than she can do right now. So we talked about the new
EIDE drives that are about as fast, and she can pop it in now to do her
copying over from her old drive.

She is VERY interested in Linux and plans on partitioning appropriatly.
Of course, she has to have the obligatory Win9x setup.

I guess my question has to do with 1) any horror stories with EIDE and
SCSI drives?, and 2) would it be better to just get scsi form the start
(and why)?
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