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[ale] Reducing Partition Solution

I found FIPS v 1.1 on the RedHat and Sunsite site.  It's dated May 24, 1994.  
I got version 2.0 from http://www.igd.fhg.de/~aschaefe/fips/


At 11:12 PM 10/5/98 -0400, you wrote:
>There is a new version of FIPS that will handle FAT32 partitions.
>Partition magic will handle it just fine.
>Of course you can always reinstall winblows after a good-for-the-soul
>On Mon, 5 Oct 1998 Stan.Hearn at ipst.edu wrote:
>> I just got a new system with Windows 98 on it.  I need to carve out some
>> space on my 12 Gig drive for Linux partitions in order to dual boot it.
>> >From the documentation, FIPS will not do the trick.  Especially with a 32
>> Bit FAT.
>> I'm pretty sure that Partition Magic will work for this, but are there
>> others that I can try?  I have a license for Ghost, but I think it will
>> only copy a partition to a larger partition and not to a smaller one.
>> Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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