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[ale] assembly

Mark Cantrell enscribed thusly:
> I don't know if I'm asking the right question so please forgive me.  I
> wanted to study assembly and/or embedding systems.  Does Linux provide a
> good environment for assembly?  Is there some sort of embedded system
> emulator thingy available that I could play around with on my Linux
> machine to learn with.

	Go up to www.linux.org and follow the link to Projects and then
to Hardware Port projects.  You've got some embedded controller projects
up there including ELKS for x86 embedded controllers plus the project for
the Palm Pilot.  Some of these (including the Palm pilot) have links to
emulators and cross compilers.

	Off on another emulator tangent:

	One "curious" emulator is "MAME" or "XMAME" which is the Multiple
Archade Machine Emulator project.  That one package emulates all KINDS of
alien :-) processors and hardware.  They are trying to emulate all kinds of
the old coin archade games by actually emulating the old hardware and running
the ROM images.  That even covers systems that were hardwired circuits
with no "processor" as we know it.

	Along with MAME/XMAME is the MESS/XMESS project which is doing the
same thing for the old microcomputers.  I think they can even emulate an
old TRS-80 (but not the TRS-80 CoCo [Color Computer]).

> thanks for any suggestions
> Mark

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