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[ale] Sendmail 8.9.1, Linuxconf, mail.local annoyances, and me...

On Fri, 2 Oct 1998, Jay Finch wrote:

> Hi all!
> 	After many frustrating hours of trying to deal with the Sendmail 8.9.1
> annoyances, and how it doesn't deal with Linuxconf very well, I figured I'd
> ask the experts. ;)
> Any suggestions?  Tips? Hints?  Locations of small-arms manafacturers? ;)

Glock is located in Smyrna. I like mine. It can get rid of all M$ problems
on a hard drive PERMANENTELY! .40 cal _makes_ an impression!

I have found the Sendmail docs to be nearly useless due to their
circuitous nature. If you figure it out, please do tell! I have the same

Jim Kinney M.S.
jkinney at teller.physics.emory.edu
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