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[ale] Linux as a Terminal Server?

Stephan Uphoff wrote:
> > Ok,
> >   I'm going crazy right now trying to find a "system" I can use as a
> > terminal/console server. I need something that I can connect ttya from
> > my Servers (SUN) to the serial of some machine and use it to remotly
> > access the physical console of my server.  This way I can login as
> > root remotely in an emergency (NIS  is down) or send a STOP-A/break
> > to hardbood the machine.  Does anyone know if I can do this with a
> > Linux box with a serial port multiplier?  Has anyone done it?  Any
> > suggestions?
> Take a look at "cu" .
>         cu -l /dev/cua0

This is the way we used to 'network' all our 3b2s (AT&T UNIX) when we
had to create connectivity between them.  Used a null modem cable
between serial ports.  You'll need to have a getty running to produce

Until later: Geoffrey		esoteric at denali.atlnet.com

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