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[ale] ALE Showcase 1998

Linux Idiot enscribed thusly:
> Michael H. Warfield wrote:

> >         I'll know more later today.

> I'm curious is this an upgrade?  I've got 4.3.7 and would like to get
> the newer version.  what did it cost you?

	You can get the upgrade from Applix for $79 or the full package
for $99.  To me, the $20 was not worth the hassle of having an "upgrade
only" CD (that's what's in the package).  I also heard that someone else
(not sure who) is offering a $79 "office suite package" which is the
latest Applixware bundled with some additional apps.  Sound like you
can get the full version for the price of the upgrade with some indeterminant
goodies thrown in...  Don't have details on that though.

> >         It should be interesting to see how many presenters will be using
> > Power Point at this year's showcase.  There were a few last year (I used
> > Applixware then as well as now).  I would expect fewer this year.  I would
> > think it "OK" if someone was using Corel Presentation even if it wasn't
> > on Linux yet.  It's coming...

> Yeah, I would lean that way as well.  Not that it presents an anti-MS
> attitude, but the fact that Corel is working with Linux.


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> You mean you paid MONEY for Service Pack '98????

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