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[ale] Linux @ Sun and the Demise of Solaris-x86...

> production and development boxes.  According to all the DBA's, moving
> one of the devel oracle setups to a different architecture would be
> a minimum ammount of work since just about everything is shell scripts

Just a matter of an export/import to move the database from one OS to
another.  And as long as the tools are there (Pro*C, etc...) you should be
able to move cool little Oracle*Perl scripts over real easy.

> and datafiles on their end.  Any bets you could talk management into
> buying Larger work horses for Production if they could do the devel 
> work on dual-Pent/PPro/P2 systems?

Without knowing the price of Solaris x86, why not just put it on dual-P2's
instead of buying a big e3000 box for testing?