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[ale] suspend/resume problem

On my Toshiba T4700TC laptop with a 3com 589 Enet card, when I close the top
and re-open it the Enet card fails to start back up.

Even though the system continues where it left off I need to reboot to
regain access to the ethernet.  If I manually do

	cardctl suspend;cardctl resume
then I regain ethernet access.

Thus, how do I get these commands invoked automatically?  I don't see
reference to suspend and resume (or anything other than the standard
states) in /etc/rc.d/*.  The kernel I'm using (from the SW3.4 CD)
works fine with suspending and resuming the laptop and understands power
management and such.

I am running Slackware 3.4 with a 2.0.30 kernel and just upgraded to
cardmanager x.9.12.

Thanks a whole bunch,

Bob Toxen
bob at cavu.com
http://www.cavu.com/sunset.html   [Sunset Computer]
Fly-By-Day Consulting, Inc.
N79879 C-172 based PDK, Atlanta, GA
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