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[ale] need for a packet statistics program...

	Ummm, on c.o.l.a in the past couple of days there
	was a post about a program that would read tcpdump
	files and generate reports.  From the post:

   EPAN is an offline protocol analyzer.  It  allows you to decode
   any data captured by tools like edump(8) or tcpdump(8) in detail,
   i.e. you'll see all the details of protocols like IP, TCP, UDP,
   DNS or RIP (and about 20 other protocol decoders). It is also
   possible to create a few statistics (frame size distribution,
   utilization or protocol statistics). For more detailed statistics
   EPAN offers to use an external program like gnuplot to evaluate
   the collected data.
   EPAN runs under Linux/X11R6 (libc5 and libc6).
   Linux Binaries and Debian Packages are available from
   Detailed information about the protocol decoders and screenshots
   are available at http://www.et-inf.fho-emden.de/~tobias/epan/

On Tue, 30 Sep 1997, Josh Murrah wrote:
> Hi all,
>      I'm looking for a program that will help us here at the shop to find
> out about the utilization of our ISDN line by grabbing all the packets
> flying around our LAN and do statistics on where they originate from.
> Recently we have been killing the ISDN line(our internet gateway), and
> we're trying to figure out why/who is continously doing it.
> TIA,
> Joshua Murrah, jmurrah at salug.org, http://www.salug.org/~jmurrah