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[ale] Linux Distributions


|>      Good Heavens!  There is someone who actually LIKED the old BSD
|>init!?!?!  That was the numero uno reason for me switching to RedHat.
|>Trying to maintain dozens of systems is a royal pain with the old BSD files.
|>I kept running into this system or that system which had implimented startup
|>features in different ways.  The sysv init system nice and clean and provides
|>a coherent framework to bolt more packages in.  And I can add them in just
|>by transporting the pieces between systems.  I would estimate that moving
|>to the sysv init system as reduced the required maintenance of the init
|>scripts by at least a factor of four.  I've got LOTS of reasons to dislike
|>RedHat (like why did they move the /usr/lib/uucp config files to /etc/uucp
|>and the http files to /etc/httpd?!?!?) but the init package is definitely
|>not one of them!

Well, whenever you start talking distributions, we all want to put in our
two cents. I was brought up on Slackware and migrated to Red Hat for most 
of the reasons already mentioned. I do want to point out, rpm can be used
for Slackware if you really like BSD init (www.rpm.org), and I too have had 
occasional problems with Red Hat install/upgrades. 

About the relocation of config file that Mike mentioned above, although I
was a little lost at first, I much prefer this. IMHO config files belong in
/etc and libraries belong in lib. It always irked me when certain commercial
Un*xes would place binaries (i.e. ping) in /etc, thats what the (s)bin's are


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