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[ale] JDk

I reinstalled jdk and kaffe and everything is working fine. Wrote my first
"Hello World" applet yesterday ! Now I am upto stronger flavors...
Thanks for all the responses.


> On Tue, 23 Sep 1997, Mir Shafiqul Islam wrote:
> > Ok, I tried that. Now I am getting a little different error message.
> > 
> > Failed to locate native library in path:
> (...)
> > A quick search in dejanews revealed many other facing same problem but no
> > concrete solutions. :=(  Thanks.
> strace the process.  Discover the name of the file that it's looking
> for.  use locate to locate that file.  Add the directory which holds
> that file to the appropriate path.  Iterate.
> It is possible actually to figure out the answer, rather than hoping that
> someone else has done so.
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