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[ale] JDk

On Mon, 22 Sep 1997, Mir Shafiqul Islam wrote:

> Hi Ihave RH 4.2 and JDK 1.1.3-1(from top of my head) Anyway I am getting
> an error saying Library path not set.
> before that I was getting an error saying CLASSPATH not set. THat got
> fixed after I exported the path to classes.zip file. But I am not sure
> what library path variable it is looking for that I need to setup in addition to CLASSPATH. Anyone else had this problem ?
> Thanks.

Mir - 

I installed jdk- and kaffe-0.8.3-6 (actually
kaffe-0.8.3-6.i386.rpm and kaffe-bissawt-0.8.3-6.i386.rpm), so my
experience may differ from yours, but I found that the classlib was not in
the directory where JDK expected it.  My relevant environment variables
are now:


I suggest you check directories of the JDK lib paths in case some don't
reflect your actual installation. 

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