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[ale] lp filter question on RH 4.2

Hi -
I just set up RedHat 4.2 "out of the box" including a local HP DJ500
printer at 'lp'.  I am having trouble printing:  ASCII with or without a
specified pager, or postscript, I just get a single line of gibberish,
else a "staircased" error message at the top of the page.  The error
message text was:

Unrecoverable error: rangecheck in .putdeviceprops
<lf> (1488)op_array(458)0x8130a64:E[edge of page ...]

I tried printing text and ps test pages out of the 'control_panel' printer
configuration tool and got with what looks to me like raw Postscript
appearing on the page: 

XGsgg87/S3/3/3/3/3/k387/spoXGsgg87/S3W/3/3/3/3/[...etc, etc ..]

Looks like I need a magic fix for the magic filter -- anyone fixed this?
(I think last time I just copied the old filter from my 1.2.13 system, but
this must be a FAQ -- ?)

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