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[ale] Something listening on a socket?

> On Thu, 18 Sep 1997, Robert L Harris wrote:
> >   This is off topic.  My ISP is using BSDi-3.0 against my recomendation and they're
> > kinda up the proverbial creek.  someone hacked them and put a proggy listening
> > on port 3666.  I've checked all the conventional methods and can't find it.
> > netstat show's it listening, but how do I find the program?  I want to find and
> > kill this person...
> 1) You can use lsof to see which process is listening on that port.

This did exactly what I needed.
> 2) The fact that they got hacked almost certifiably had nothing to do with
> their running BSDI.  99% of all security holes are horribly cross-platform,
> and Linux is just as susceptible as any other Unix.

This is true.  I just prefer linux to bsdi.  

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