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[ale] I-Glasses by VIO.

Omar Loggiodice wrote:
> Robert L Harris Writes :
> :
> :
> :  Does anyone know if anyone has any of these?  I got them today and the
> :guy who sold them forgot to send the driver disk...  Once I get those,
> :I'll be harrasing some of you about drivers for quake linux :>
> :
> :Robert
> :
> Hey Robert,
>    I have the VIO Iglasses, I'll tar up the drivers and send them to you.
>    Should I send it to this email address??
>   I had a project a long time ago (2 years or something like that) to start
>   writing the drivers for linux, but it never really started. I'll be
>   swamped for at least the next two months, so I can't promise anything
>   about the drivers..maybe later. If someone wants to take on the project
>   I'll be glad to help out as time allows.
>   Omar

If you can send them to this address, that would be great.

I'll volunteer to be a guinea pig (sp?) for whoever writes the drivers
long as they're willing to do some explaining so I can start learning
driver internals...

Thanks alot.

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