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[ale] 8mm Sun Tar on tape


  I had a similar problem.  In my case the solution was that the Sun tape
drive wrote at a density/format that the Linux tape drive couldn't
understand.  When I tared the stuff up on the Sun, I had to user
/dev/rmt0l for the device (low-density).   However, the Sun could read
stuff from the Linux box just fine because it could handle the lower
density just fine. 

On Fri, 19 Sep 1997, David Hamm wrote:

> I have an 8mm tape that is supposed to be a tar from a Sun system.  When I run
> "mt -f /dev/st1 status" it tells me that the block size is 1024 so I use the
> following command to read the tap, "tar -b 2 -tf /dev/st1" but I still get a
> tape read error.  Any suggestions?
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