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[ale] MSD format specifier for Linux?

Does anyone know of an appropriate /dev/fd* setup to dump, copy, and
format Microsoft's 3.5" distribution media (about 1.7 MBy, I believe)?
I have a DOS shareware item which does this.  For some reason, I can't get
it to run under Win95. ;^E

A Linux /dev/fd* would be great, provided 'fdformat' and 'dd' could use it
, but I don't know how to make one up, nor how to find out the format
details.  As Microsoft rather obscures the possibility of doing this at
all, it would be kind of nice to publicize a simple tool to backup the
Win95 distribution. 

On that note, is there a disk-format detector for Linux (something like
Sydex Anadisk, but more general, say)?

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