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[ale] Linux and Kodak Digital Camera

Robert L Harris wrote:
> No,
>   This isn't really off topic.
>   I have a Kodak DC25 digital cam that's actually pretty good.  The problem
> is the only way to d/l pics is in 95.  I'm looking for a way to do this from
> Linux.  I don't care if it's a netscape plugin although I'd prefer a really
> sick little C program that can d/l and/or erase the pics from the camera.

I've written quite a bit of 'sick' code, but nothing of this nature. :)

> Does anyone have anything like this?  If not,  I have someon who might be
> able to accomplish this if I can get the specs on communication with the
> camera.  Problem is he hasn't written under linux.  Can someone give me
> some code fragments on opening "com1" (would that be ttys0 or cua0?)
> on linux?
> Thanks.
>   Robert
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