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[ale] Networking and Samba

I am building a small network for my house.  I was planning on using Red Hat
Linux 4.2 with kernel 2.0.30 as a file/print server.  This network was going
to give Win95 and Win 3.11 clients access to files and printers on the Linux
machine.  I know Windows is a waste but I still have to do a lot of work on
it.  TCP/IP and ethernet is running just fine (I am pretty sure anyway).  I
can ping between both machines and telnet into the Linux machine.  
Samba is what is giving me my problems.  I have smbd and nmbd running.  In
fact I can use resources from the Linux box on one of my windows 95 machine,
using the net use commands.  Here is the part I am unsure about.  Should I
be able to browse the devices from the Linux machine with the Win95 network
neighborhood?  The machine shows up in the list of systems but everytime I
click on it to browse it tells me it can not find the name should it use
dial-up networking to find it?
I have read the Samba howto and couldn't find any help.  Also read some
Weekend Mechanic articles from the Linux Gazette that were alot of help but
not quite.  Is there anything I am missing?  Or is it okay not to be able to
browse the Linux machine?  

Any help would be greatly appreciated!  

Jeffery Tillotson