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[ale] Media cablemodem

sjd wrote:

> Have you (or anyone else) looked at the DirecDuo digital dish?  It's a
> combination of the DirecTV and DirecPC that allows you to surf at
> 400kbaud
> (downstream only) upstream is via modem to your ISP.
> I've only seen an ad in Wired mag, anyone else taken a closer look?

Yes, I've spent some time on one.  It works as advertised, and as long
as you aren't
surfing a lot during prime time, it's fairly reasonable.  400Kbps is
rather nice.  As
mentioned, it's asymetrical, so upstream traffic goes through your
regular ISP.  The
regular caveats applying to digital disk technologies apply.

The setup I played with used WinGate to hide a LAN behind the DirectPC
address.  Nice.

- Ken