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[ale] Media cablemodem

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Media 1 is probably the worst company for service I've ever dealt with.
I use a bill payment service and 3 times this year they (Media 1) lost
my payment and charged me a fee for not paying on time.  They are very 
hostile and suggest that it is the post office that is losing it, not them.
Then they tried to accuse the bank.  Folks, I've been using this bill payment
service for almost 10 years and they are the only ones that lose my payments.
It has happened 4 times in 5 years.  Three this past year, as I mentioned.
I've never been able to contact them when the cable goes out.  The line is
constantly busy.  I have outages 2-3 times a month, that I know of.  Usually
for only a short time, but once in a while it is all day or most of it.
I can tell you they'll never get my phone service.  They seem to want to make
noises about offering it, but if their phone service, technically and 
personally, is anything like their cable service, forget it.

They'll probably sue me for slander, but I've got the documentation.

> Media1 is offering cable modem service in my area.  It sounds
> like a very nice deal -- megabit speeds and I can be connected
> all the time.  Does anyone have expierence with Media1 and/or
> cable modems?
> They use DHCP to configure Windows boxes.  I think I could use dhcpd
> under Linux and they wouldn't notice the difference.  How mature
> is Linux's DHCP?  Is there any reason why Linux's implementation
> might not work with Media1?
> I contacted Media1 months ago and never heard back from them.
> Same story from a coworker of mine.  Initial installation
> is fairly pricy and I'm leery of the cable industy's reputation
> for customer service to begin with.
> Thought I'd see what you guys knw before I take the plunge.
> -Alexander

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