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[ale] DAL CardD driver for Linux?

Hi there!

I am an audio recording engineer in Toronto. I have been using the
Digital Audio Labs "I/O CardD" (digital audio I/O) and "CardD Plus"
(analog audio I/O) under Windows and have just installed Linux on my
system. The CardD is not listed in the standard collection of audio
drivers for Linux, but I'm wondering if you might have heard of anybody
who has written a driver for it.

Please let me know one way or the other. My difficulty is that there
doesn't appear to be any current support, under Linux, for DIGITAL audio
I/O since all the standard cards are analog-only. The CardD is, by far,
the most common DIGITAL I/O card on the PC platform, therefore I was
hoping that maybe someone, somewhere had tackled the problem!


-Peter Lutek
plutek at interlog.com