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[ale] networking question (pretty involved, I think)

On Thu, 4 Sep 1997, Josh Murrah wrote:

> /sbin/route add -net netmask dev ${INTERFACE};

This looks suspiciously as if it is wrong.  Do you really want to route
the _entire_ multicast range on {INTERFACE}?  Why are you routing the
multicast range at all, anyway?

(Disclaimer: I have never even seen MobileIP, so I probably just
don't understand what's going on here.)

> Can you have a 'route' be broadcasted over more than one device???

Routes are not "broadcasted", unless you're talking about a routing
protocol, which I don't think you are.

Can a route be associated with multiple interfaces?  Yes, but it's both
complicated and, I think, not what you need.  Read on...

> I need MobileIP to 'listen' and 'broadcast' to the eth0 AND the ppp0
> device. 

Is MobileIP a daemon?  Do you have a URL?

> MobileIP works GREAT if
> there's no ppp links involved on any of the players in the setup.  I have
> a feeling that MobileIP would possibly have to be hacked to accomplish the
> above, but I'm hoping that it doesn't, and that I'm just missing
> something.  

More info!  Specifically:

- Does MobileIP use multicast?  How?
- What actually goes on when a MIP session is established?  (I.e., packet
  A goes from 1 to 2, etc.)
- Does the MobileIP program bind to a given interface?  Is it UDP?  What
  does this have to do with multicast?

I'm afraid I just don't have enough info to answer your question.

> Thanks in advance for reading through this LOOONG post.

Child's play by ALE standards.  8^)

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