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[ale] WordPerfect for Linux

Michael H. Warfield writes:
> > Michael H. Warfield writes:
> > [snip]
> > > 
> > > 	What's worse is that this asinine license scheme of yours is linked
> > > to the hostid!  What were you people thinking?!?!?!  That information is
> > You must not work with Sun Sparc workstations. They borrowed the "hostid" from
> > the Sun Solaris enviroment (where it is very valid!). We need to educate the
> > Corel folks that Linux IS NOT SOLARIS _and_ that A different licensing scheme
> > is _mandatory_. Maybe a "write-in" campaign is in order.... 
> 	No.  I work with Sparcs all the time.  There the hostid is burned
> into the mother board so unless you changed the motherboard the hostid
> won't change.  I believe there is even a way to move the hostid to
> a new motherboard by moving some firmware although I've never had need
> to attempt it.  On Linux, it's based on your network addressing.  That's
> that assinine part about using it there!

Hello Michael, please note that I agree 100% with you. Hostid is not a valid
method for licensing under Linux. Corel needs to be educated that they need a
different licensing scheme. BTW, I did take the time to completely read your
original message before replying. I would like to run a "major" piece of MS
software in the native Linux enviroment. Thus I agree that the licensing
scheme won't fly. What would you propose a valid licensing method? Corel will
be more willing to listen if an alternative can be offered instead of gripes.

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