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[ale] Re: fwd: AHA-2940U & 2940UW

I tried to install windows 95 this weekend only to find the problems are
still there.  However, I did nail it down to the (a) temination, and (b)
2940UW card.  I'll definitely need to get the 2940 replaced.  

		thanks for your help.  

	P.S.  when do you plan on supporting LINUX???? 

Quoted ::: 
     The LINUX OS is not supported by Adaptec with any other their SCSI
cards. Adaptec only supports SCO UNIX.
    The AHA2940 U is an O.E.M. card which means that Adaptec does not
support it. The AHA2940 AU and the AHA2940UW come in an Adaptec Retail
and are supported products.
     I am not sure what is happening  in your particular system. The
that both cards do this leads me to believe that it may NOT  be an issue
with the cards themselves but something else going on in your machine.
we do not support Linux I have no idea what the driver might be doing
    If the AHA2940UW card is under 30 days then you can take it back to
where it was bought from and they can replace it. If it is over 30 days
you feel it is the card that is the problem then you will need to call
Adaptec Technical Support at (408)-934-7274 to get this card replaced.
    You might want to make sure that  you have the latest bios for your
motherboard and your video card if it is PCI. Also if possible try
installing a
a different Operating System just to confirm it has nothing to do with
Linux drivers.

Surinder Janda - Adaptec Technical Support

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