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[ale] Linux for sale

Patrick W. Jones wrote:
> I have to differ with this one.  There have been many
> times that I have been in Micro Center and there are
> no copies of Linux to be found.  This is even after
> I have seen the shelves stocked full of them.  Granted,
> Micro Center could be removing them from their shelves
> after a while.
> By the way, do you know how much the Applixware costs?

I paid a 'show special' of $150 at Comdex.  I don't believe that's real
special though.  That is, the price.

> > Even If it IS for sale....no one buys it like they buy M$ "software".  I was in Micro Center in
> > Marietta, they sell Redhat 4.2, Slack 3.3, InfoMagic's latest "version" (6.0 is it?), and Debian.
> > They also sell Applixware 4.3 for Redhat.  Funny thing is the shelves are always stocked with it
> > because no one buys it  because its not widely accepted,  (then again, "widely accepted" would be
> > Windoze 95 presently) and the fact that the average computer user would have no clue how to operate
> > Linux. (partially because the average computer user is using an MS-related operating system by
> > default, and that they dont know that there are other options.)  So I dont think stores sticking it
> > will have much affect unless more computers start having Linux preinstalled.  Then again, this is
> > just my thoughts.
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