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[ale] Linux for sale

Even If it IS for sale....no one buys it like they buy M$ "software".  I was in Micro Center in
Marietta, they sell Redhat 4.2, Slack 3.3, InfoMagic's latest "version" (6.0 is it?), and Debian.
They also sell Applixware 4.3 for Redhat.  Funny thing is the shelves are always stocked with it
because no one buys it  because its not widely accepted,  (then again, "widely accepted" would be
Windoze 95 presently) and the fact that the average computer user would have no clue how to operate
Linux. (partially because the average computer user is using an MS-related operating system by
default, and that they dont know that there are other options.)  So I dont think stores sticking it
will have much affect unless more computers start having Linux preinstalled.  Then again, this is
just my thoughts.