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[ale] Linksys cards supported?

I have the 'opportunity' to purchase a  LinkSys 'Network in a Box'
package at a pretty good price.  Basically it contains two '32bit
EtherPCI Lan Card II Adapters.'  I checked out the Ethernet-HOWTO to see
if these cards were supported.  The HOWTO lists a couple of LinkSys
cards but says there's too many to list them all.  Anyone know if these
things will work with Linux?  I'm completely ignorant when it comes to
networking or ethernet.  What I want to do is connect my two home
machines together.  Anyone know if these cards will work or where
I might find docs that will tell me?

The box says the cards are NE2000 compatible, but then has in
parenthesis 'NetWare Only.'

Until later: Geoffrey           geof at abraxis.com