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[ale] Netscape 4.03 w/strong encryption for Linux

Craig McDaniel wrote:

> For those interested, I finally found out how to get the official 128-bit strong encryption
> version of Linux Netscape 4.03:
> https://wwwus.netscape.com
> You just can only get the export version for Linux at the download page of www.netscape.com.
> --
> Craig McDaniel

How did you get this?
I cannot get it.
I'm using 4.04 Communicator, I fill out the form,
select the one I want, hit the d/l button.
But I never get a d/l box.  It d/ls a cgi file to /tmp,
and my mimetype thingy, I guess, tries to process it, but fails.


 Ed June

 buggz at america.net