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[ale] YAY! (or, why I love Linux (tonight :))

> Very enjoyable story, especially that it has a happy ending.
> BTW: you have any interest in my 2 170Mb disks and 2 200Mb disks.  All
> I'd be very happy to give these disks to anyone who wants them.
> If this story of why more disks for an install makes for faster failure
> recovery, all
> 700Mb of these disks should result in very fast to recover system
> indeed.

Don't tempt me :)

Seriously, if I had a scsi controller, I'd take you up on that.  I've found 
that having three medium speed disks is MUCH faster than one fast one! (my 
friend has a Maxtor 7GB DMA33 drive (which rocks!) but the fact is that since 
his swap is on the same drive as / which is on the same drive as /tmp etc etc, 
it is actually considerably slower than 3 500MB Caviars. (of course, he has 
all that room, but...:)  I'm actually considering putting SCSI in this box 
right now.  I'd like a SCSI zip drive, and if I do that I might just take you 
up on the offer.  (hell, I'd do it just for the backup :)

Anyway, I picked up an unused 3.5GB Quantum IDE at work, and I'm going to 
re-install Linux 2.0.31 on it when I get the time (that is, after 
Thanksgiving).  For now, I'm plodding along on 1.2.13 (I never realized the 
performance improvements until I went back :)


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