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[ale] Stripping mail headers

Can somebody help me figure out how to automatically strip mail
headers?  I tried a WWW search, but yoiu wouldn't believe some of the
stuff that came up due to the "stripping" part.  Anyways, what I'm
trying to do is this.  My boss got on my case about not keeping track
of tasks and what has been done.  So, I created an account called
helpdesk, set up the .forward to go to a short shell script that cats a
seperator line, the current date, and the mail message so that all
somebody has to do is send mail to the account and it is appended to
the helpdesk.log file.  But, it is full of a lot of crap (ie mail
headers) that I don't want to have to look at.  Any ideas on how to do
strip the mail headers off of an incoming mail?  Thanks-

Scott Lewis   
Computer Support-Geosystems and Materials Laboratory
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
scott.lewis at ce.gatech.edu   (404) 894-1062