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[ale] neon Fw: Warning against AOL (fwd)

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Subject: neon Fw: Warning against AOL

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Subject: Fw: Warning against AOL

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>Subject: Fwd: Warning against AOL
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>>rom a former AOL employee:
>>>I'll try and cut through the crap, and try to get to the point of this
>>>letter.  I used to work for America Online, and would like to remain
>>>anonymous for that reason.  I was laid off in early September, but I
>>>know exactly why I was laid off, which I will now explain:
>>>Since last December, I had been one of the many people assigned to
>>>design AOL 4.0 for Windows  (AOL 4.0 beta, codenamed Casablanca).  In
>>>the beginning, I was very proud of this task, until I found out the
>>>true cost of it.  Things were going fine until about mid-February, when
>>>me and 2 of my colleagues started to suspect a problem, an
>>>unexplainable 'Privacy Invasion', with the new version.  One of them,
>>>who is a master programmer, copied the finished portion of the new
>>>version (Then 'Build 52'), and took it home, and we spent nearly 2
>>>weeks of sleepless nights examining and debugging the program, flipping
>>>it inside-out, and here is> what we found.
>>>Unlike all previous versions of America Online, version 4.0 puts
>>>something in your hard drive called a 'cookie'.  (AOL members click
>>>here for a
>>>definition).  However, the cookie we found on Version 4.0 was far more
>>>treacherous than the simple internet cookie.  How would you like
>>>somebody looking at your entire hard drive, snooping through any (yes,
>>>any) piece of information on your hard drive.  It could also read your
>>>password and log in information and store it deep in the program code.
>>>Well, all previous versions, whether you like it or not, have done
>>>this to a certain extent, but only with files you downloaded.  As me
>>>and my colleagues discovered, with the new version, anytime you are
>>>signed on to AOL, any top aol executive, any aol worker, who has been
>>>sworn to secrecy regarding this feature, can go into your hard drive
>>>and retrieve any piece of information that they so desire.  Billing,
>>>download records, e-mail, directories, personal documents, programs,
>>>financial information, scanned images, etc ... Better start keeping all
>>>those pictures on a floppy disk!
>>>This is a totally disgusting violation of our rights, and your right
>>>to know as well.  Since this is undoubtably 'Top Secret' information
>>>that I am revealing, my life at AOL is pretty much over.  After
>>>discovering this information, we started to inform a few other workers
>>>at America Online, so that we could get a large enough crew to stop
>>>this from happening to the millions of unfortunate and unsuspecting
>>>America Online members.  This was in early August.  One month later,
>>>all three of us were unemployed.  We got together, and figured there
>>>was something we had to do to let the public know. Unemployed, with one
>>>of us going through a divorce (me) and another who is about to undergo
>>>treatment for Cancer, our combined financial situation is not currently
>>>enough to release any sort or article.  We attepted to create a web
>>>page on three different servers containing in-depth information on AOL
>>>4.0, but all three were taken down within  2 days.  We were running
>>>very low on time (4.0 is released early this winter), so we figured our
>>>last hope to reveal this madness before it effects the people was
>>>starting something similar to a chain letter, this letter you are
>>>reading.  Please do the following, to help us expose AOL for who they
>>>really are, and to help us and yourself recieve personal gratification
>>>for taking a stand for our freedom:
>>> 1.  Forward this letter to as many people as you can (not just friends
>>> and family, as many as you can!)
>>> 2.  Tell people who aren't on America Online in person, especially
>>> important people (Private Investigators, Government workers, City
>>> Council)
>>> 3.  If the information about the new version isn't exposed by the time
>>> aol is released early this winter, for your own protection, DON'T
>>> Thank you for reading and examining this information.  Me and my
>>> colleagues hope that you will help us do the right thing in this
>>> situation.  Enjoy America Online (just kidding!).
>>> Regards,
>>> A former AOL employee
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