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[ale] RH5 v. SuSE 5.1

On 23 Nov, Mark E Hood wrote:
> Howdy! Now that I have my slackware 3.4 system up and running, I have
> decided that i need something else. (I really like punishment) :) So..which
> would you guys go with..RedHat 5.0 or SuSE 5.1? Does anyone here have any
> experience with SuSE? Sounds pretty good..KDE and all...

Is SuSE 5.1 going to be glibc based?  Their web page doesn't say so, so
I'd assume not.  If it's not glibc based, I'd go with the RedHat for
that reason alone.  Glibc is the new standard, so you might as well go
with it.

Their system did look pretty good at the ALS, though.  If you try it,
let us know what you think....


Chris Ricker                                 gt1355b at prism.gatech.edu