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[ale] intel redhat install questions

i am installing Intel RedHat 4.2  (too bad i couldn't have waited for 5.0),
and i have a couple of q's:

A) Choosing hard drives' SCSI IDs,
    pg 39 of RH manual:
    "rules" of where /boot must live if you want to install LILO on a hard

    3) If you have SCSI only, /boot must live on a drive at ID 0 or ID 1.
       No other SCSI IDs will work

    Is this true ?  I thougth I had been running the same machine, with
    previous RH version, using only one SCSI disk with SCSI ID "3"., and
    LILO seemed to run ok....

    I am gonna install an additional disk.  It came with SCSI ID 6.  Can
    I just leave that as is ?

B) Building a custom kernel,
   pg 62: /etc/lilo.conf

    second line is:

    later, in the "summary" of steps to install the new kernel, they say
    to do:
        mv /boot/vmlinuz ... to .old
        cp new kernel zImage to /boot/vmlinuz
        edit lilo.conf
        run /sbin/lilo

    so, what happens to the new map ?
    and what is the map file used for anyways ?

C) Making an initrd image
   pg 63:

   To build the new initrd image, run /sbin/makinitrd  with parameters such
   as this:

        /sbin/mkinitrd /boot/newinitrd-image 2.0.12

   where ... 2.0.12 is the kernel whose modules (from /lib/modules) should
   be used in the initrd image (not necessarily the same as the version
   number of the currently running kernel).

   just to make sure, are they talking about the case where i may be running
   an older kernel, but building initrd for a newer one ?

   [boy, i hope they can write better manuals.  these clouds are the sort
   of thing that scares newcomers away]

   thanks -- josin

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