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[ale] Cyrix 686 200mhz

On Thu, 20 Nov 1997, Mofid Francis wrote:

> I am planning to buy a cyrix 686 200mhz, did anyone hear if all of the
> bugs were fixxed with this vender....I plan to install linux , win 95 and
> NT workstation4.0...
> Any information will be greatly appreciated...
> Moe
Hi Moe,
	I have a cyrix 686L 200+ with which I have been very happy. I have
linux on it but at one time had NT4.0, win95 on it also and they both
worked fine. You should try to get the L version it runs at lower
voltage therefore has lower heat generation. Also, the L version should
also be free of the L1 disabling bug that NT had.
Cheers and good luck.